Your source for sanitary shorts PRIVACY POLICY
  • Submitted personal information such as name, credit card number, etc, is used soley to process orders. We do not distribute or sell personal information to any third parties not related to the processing of orders.
  • In certain categories of our website, customers may subscribe to a newsletter by submitting their e-mail address. Only subscribers, who voluntarily submit their e-mail address to this program, receive our newsletters. Customers who submit their e-mail address for the processing of orders are not automatically included in this program. WePlay Sports does not distribute or sell e-mail addresses to third parties. Furthermore, WePlay Sports does not obtain e-mail addresses from third parties.
  • Whenever a customer initiates the shopping cart program, a cookie is assigned. WePlay Sports uses three different cookies to identify the shopper. The cookies are arbitrarily unique, identifiers which allow the browser/shopper to conduct shopping transactions. IN ORDER TO SHOP ONLINE AT WEPLAY SPORTS, THE CUSTOMER MUST NOT DISBABLE OR TURN OFF THE COOKIE OPTION ON HIS/HER BROWSER. WePlay Sports does not allow third party cookies popularly used by banner ads as found on other websites.
  • Cookies are assigned a designated time span for each individual cookie. One cookie lasts two weeks. This cookie allows the shopper to put items in a virtual web shopping cart, exit, then return within a two week span to resume shopping, with all contents still intact. The others, which is still under development at the time of this writing, will allow users to return to view online order status and re-enter new orders without having to log in. Its lifetime will likely extend for an indefinite period of time.
  • Customers can find items in either one of two ways: By continuously clicking related links from one page to the other, or by search engine. The latter is search capability by entering a keyword query. If query is successful, a list of related links will be returned based on pattern matching. This process is hosted by Pico Search, a specialized service which handles the immense resources needed to maintain a thorough search engine. No personal data is required to make a search.
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