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Football Helmet Visors

Under Armour®
Football Helmet Visor

APVX Football Visor
WePlay Price: $49.99
Free Ground Shipping APVX™ lens features NXT® technology made from transparent polyurethane polymers developed for military purposes as a highly durable & lightweight bullet-proof material.
Under Armour®
Gray Helmet Visor

Tinted Football Helmet Visor
WePlay Price: $49.99
Free Ground Shipping Gray lens model allows 60% Visible Light Transmittance. APVX™ lens constructed from NXT® technology.
Under Armour®
Gray/Mirror Visor

Gray Mirror Football Visor
- OUT -
Free Ground Shipping Gray with Mirror tint reduces glare while providing a mirror finish. Proprietary APVX™ visor made by casting which ensures low internal stress for superior strength.
Under Armour®
Hi-Contrast Visor
High Contrast Visor
WePlay Price: $59.99
Free Ground Shipping High Contrast tint filter enhances depth perception. Anti-Fog and scratch resistant coatings. Features NXT® technology.
Optic Eye Shield

Schutt Helmet Visor
WePlay Price: $34.99
List Price: 39.95
Constructed from, high-impact Polycarbonate - a thermoplastic polymer. With a structurally reinforced edge, the Schutt Eye Shield will not chip or crack.
Pro VU Maxx Molded
Football Eyeshield
Bangerz Pro VU Maxx Molded Football Eyeshield
WePlay Price: $32.99
List: $39.99
Injection molded eye shield utilizing shatter-resistent, polycarbonate that has been tested for puncture and impact resistance.
ProVu™ Football Eye Shield

Football Eye Shield
WePlay Price: $22.99
List Price: 30.00
Made of durable Lexan® plastic. Protects eyes from finger pokes, dirt and other particles while eliminating harmful ultra-violet rays.
Under Armour®
Youth Football Visor
Under Armour Youth Football Visor
WePlay Price: $44.99
Free Ground Shipping Features an exclusive, Italian made, APVX™ lens constructed from NXT® technology. Quick, easy on/off quick release clips. Customizable color tabs.

Disclaimer Notification - Football Helmet Visors / Eye Shields

Purchase at your own discretion. Many youth amateur football leagues, and organizations, including NFHS (high school) do not allow tinted football visors. All equipment featured on this page is designed to minimize the possibility of injury or further injury only to the specific body part(s) which it covers. There is no guarantee that a player who wears football visors will be protected from injury, further injury, death or blindness. Modifications to football visors are strictly forbidden. Do stretch to fit, and read installation instructions carefully. Always check for damage or cracks after contact, and discard if damaged or cracked. Questions about football visors??? Please call 1.800.745.5586 or e-mail us.

Team Orders - Football Gear

WePlay Sports® is also a team dealer since 1982, and is always happy to oblige with quotes. For schools or teams that would like to receive a price quote, please e-mail us us. When e-mailing a request, please use the term "quote" anywhere in the subject heading or else it may be filtered as spam by our anti-spam software program, and automatically trashed. Example Header: "Quote Football Equipment". Note quotation marks are not needed.
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