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Football Masks: $19.95 - $34.99
Schutt, Riddell, Xenith, and Adams in both adult and youth sizes when available.
Weighted Football $16.99
Weighted, rubber football for use as training aid for arm and hand strength training. Weighs: 2 lbs. Available in adult and intermediate sizes.
Web Belts: $2.99
Web belts in an array of team colors.
Collapsible Plastic Water Bottle Carrier: $24.99
Holds 6 plastic water bottles. Collapses flat for storage. Drain holes on the bottom platform provide sanitation.
Forehead Abrasion Control Strips: $7.99
Pre-cut strips apply to the forehead for abrasive protection, especially against frictional rubbing from helmets.
Field Repair Kit: $99.95
A must for equipment managers. Organizer Toolkit contains an assortment of tools and replacement parts.
Helmet Inflation Kit: $14.99
Contains 1 pump with needles and one bottle of lubricant for inflating "Air" helmets.
Portable Air Pump: $5.99
Lightweight, 12" hand-held pump inflates footballs.
Helmet Hardware Repair Kit: $4.99
Contains 4 short T-nuts, 4 short stud screws and 4 chin strap buckles.
T-Nut Wrench: $7.99
Steel zinc plated T-nut wrench fits all 1/2" square base T-nuts to prevent spinning when removing screws.
Kicking Tees: $5.99
Kickoff and placement tees in 1 or 2" inch height.
Set of Replacement Spikes: $5.99- $7.99
Available in ½" regular, ½" metal tipped, or ¾" extended length.
No Glare Strips: $5.99 - $15.99
Patented strips by Mueller is a better alternative to greasy applications.
Set of Helmet Stickers: $5.99
Transparent, vinyl stickers with graphic logos.
Shoulder Ice Wrap $34.99
Shoulder and upper arm coverage to relieve soreness and reduce swelling.
Lightning Detector: $79.99
Provides early warning of lightning strikes as far away as 40 miles.
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