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Generation™ Series
G-1200 Baseball Glove
Nokona Genration Series 12 in. Baseball Glove
WePlay Price: $299.95
List: $350.00
Free Ground Shipping Since 1934, Nokona has built its reputation on its unique leather hides that are specifically crafted for baseball & softball play. Inspired by Nokona's long history of hand-crafting baseball gloves in America for over 80 years, the Generation™ Series has a contemporary, classic look with a comfortable feel, good structure, and easy break-in period.
Classic Walnut™ WB-1150
Baseball Glove
Nokona Classic Walnut WB-1150 11 1/2″ Baseball Glove
11 1/2"
WePlay Price: $239.95
List: $290.00
Free Ground Shipping Modified Trap Web. Nokona has built its reputation on legendary Walnut "Crunch" Leather. Once you work it in, this glove is soft and supple, yet remains sturdy - a true, classic Nokona, and still American Made.
Louisville Slugger
HD9 Hybrid Defense XH1150NG
Baseball Glove
Louisville Slugger HD9 Hybrid Defense XH1150NG 11 1/2" Baseball Glove
11 1/2"
WePlay Price: $149.99
Free Ground Shipping Modified Trap Web. Combines classic steerhide leather for a natural feel with "Zero Gravity", performance mesh that reduces weight.
Premium Glove Conditioner
Item # NLT-P
Nokona NLT-P Premium Glove Conditioner
- OUT -
Takes ball glove conditioning to the next level, and is made with a unique Beeswax/Propolis Suspension Formula™ that provides a time-release lubrication. These natural oils gradually seep into the leather, especially when exposed to heat or constant flexing. As a result, the glove leather gets oiled instead of drying out or cracking, yet retaining breathability.
Glove Conditioner

Nokona Glove Conditioner
WePlay Price: $4.99
List: $60.00
Ideal for break-in, cleaning, and preserving glove and mitt leather. Unlike liquefied oils, the Nokona NLT Glove Conditioner won't soak into the padding and over-saturate the glove.

Baseball Gloves - Hand Model Definition

A "righty" baseball glove is intended for the fielder who catches left, and throws right, and is the most common hand model type. "Lefty" or "full right" models are for players who catch right, and throw left. Full right gloves are often referred to as "southpaw" gloves. Most, but all models are available in bith hand models. We always stock both hand models when available. Suggested position is based on manufacturer's specifications.
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